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Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants

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Connect with us to get in touch with leading farm consultants

input marketplace

A community platform for ease of collaboration between the stakeholders and marketplace for direct farm to table or workshop to home.
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Roshan Agro

To Support the development of this project we are implementing a community marketplace with e-commerce and logistics supply chain support called Roshan Agro

Roshan Agro is committed to building a community platform and ecommerce marketplace to enable a hyperglobal reach to the Handicraft clusters across the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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Pre Harvest

Farm Consultancy

Connect with us to get in touch with leading farm consultants

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Lab Testing

Farm testing locations from private & government organizations

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Credit & Insurance

Our nation's credit and crop insurance programs should work for all farmers

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Input Marketplace

Direct-to-farmer marketplace providing all the products and services to farmers

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Post Harvest

Primary Processing

Primary processing involves cutting, cleaning, packaging, storage and refrigeration of raw foods to ensure that they are not spoilt before they reach the consumer.

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Grain transport is the main component in agricultural transport in general and it includes grain transports from farm to depot/terminals, between farms, between terminals, from farms and terminals to fodder industries/mills and from terminals to ports.

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Warehousing Finance

It necessitates a loan offered to a manufacturer, processor, or company by financial institutions such as a bank. As collateral to the loan, the financial institution requires the existing goods, commodities, or inventory transferred in a warehouse.

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Online Mandi

The farmer may chose to accept either the local offer or the online offer. In either case the transaction will be on the books of the local mandi and they will ...

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Services We Provide

Drone Seva or Satellite Imagery

It’s very difficult for you to check out any sector of the economy without noticing the use of drones. In the agricultural sector, drones are used for a variety of tasks...

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Government Schemes

The Government of India has launched several schemes to promote agriculture and farming in the country.

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Skill Development

Skill development in agriculture is critical for the growth and development of India's agricultural sector.

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Special Categories - Advisory on Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture is an approach that utilizes technology to enhance agricultural practices and improve the efficiency and productivity of farming.

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  • R – Re-invent

    Our goal is to reinvent the traditional farming setup and invest in various technologies to usher the new agriculture age.

  • O – Organize

    Bring clarity and structure to the grassroots by increasing visibility and transparency across the value chain from sellers to buyers.

  • S – Social

    Enable social exchanges across the value chain to build a strong and resilient community platform.

  • H – Honour

    Honour our tradition and practices while improving the entire value chain from farm to table

  • A – Agility

    Be agile and adapt to ever changing trend in the industry while bringing efficiency to the entire supply chain.

  • N – Nurture

    Nurture and upskill famers for better organic , personal and economic growth.